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A proper respiratory hygiene, efficient development of the baby

A proper respiratory hygiene, efficient development of the baby


The organ through which the air inspired is NOSE air that has a very important role in the preparation of the air in the lungs to get warmed up, slightly moistened and deprived of impurities, regardless of the fact that the air in the atmosphere can be very cold or very hot dry or very wet, full of impurities or microbe. Nose filter role play and effective; willing to blast of brushes fine threads either trickle from the surface of the lining secrete mucus and particles of dust and microbes, inspired air purify.

For a proper NATURAL development for infants, babies, kids at an early age, they should always breathe correctly and efficiently. Their health and therefore depends on the proper respiratory hygiene, more precisely the correct and efficient cleaning of the nose. Situations of colds-nasal congestion, milk that has been regurgitated, moisten the mucus can be simple cases resulting in a clogged gargle, sometimes being necessary and nurse. In situations where these parents must make sure that the nose is clean because the little ones blowing the nose and can not can not give signs of an abnormal breathing.

That’s why Pharmacy Division comes with a UNIC digital device, an alternative easy and quick to clean the baby’s nose, clinically tested to provide safety for newborn babies at the same time friendly with the kids who usually gets scared of noises produced by different divisies. Thanks to this powerful product SUN MEDICAL NASAL ASPIRATOR mucus aspiration of children will be doing much more nicer clears child’s stuffy nose fast 

It is easy to clean and popular due to silicone ends.

DON’T let your child’s happiness and tranquility to be shadowed by noise pollution, the discomfort that cannot breathe and ensure of all time the confort.