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Alcoholic and viral liver diseases – a therapeutical challenge

Alcoholic and viral liver diseases – a therapeutical challenge


Liver diseases represent a major health problem, being the only cause of death still increasing from year to year. The number of deaths is higher than those caused by diabetes and car accidents combined.

75% of liver diseases is caused by alcohol and viral infections. Without a correct therapeutic intervention, up to 35% of those with chronic alcoholism will develop acute hepatitis which entails the risk of death in 40% of cases and up to 20% may progress to cirrhosis and hepatic carcinoma. According to 2014 WHO statistical data 400 million people are infected with B or C virus and 150 million have chronic hepatitis with C virus. Taking into account this data, it is obvious that a perfect therapy is required as soon as possible to avoid the appearance of liver complications.

Regular alcohol consumption leads to steatosis (fat liver) and decrease of hepatic antioxidant which will induce liver cell death.

Supplementary, alcohol stimulate excessive secretion of collagen in the liver that will gradually replace the functional liver tissue. This process is called fibrosis and unfortunately is irreversible.

On the other hand, B or C virus infection leads to inflammation of the liver that initiates the liver cell death process.

As a therapy to be perfect in such chronic alcohol abuse or viral diseases, it must target:

  • to reverse steatosis,
  • to stimulate the liver regeneration
  • to inhibit liver cell death
  • to reduce inflammation and fibrosis

Among the multiple hepatoprotective therapies Essential Phospholipids and Silymarin passed the test of time, proving their superior efficacy in more than 4,000 clinical trials.

Therefore, Sun Wave Pharma created and proudly presents Esentin Forte – THE PERFECT SYNERGY between Essential phospholipids and Silymarin, two of the most scientific assessed and recommended hepatoprotective therapies that act synergistically for an increased effectiveness in alcoholic and viral liver diseases.

Beyond individual therapeutical performances of Essential Phospholipids and Silymarin (both with multiple scientific evidences), ideal therapy in alcoholic and viral liver diseases is provided by the perfect synergy that occurs as a result of combining their hepatoprotective effects. On the one hand the Essential Phospholipids stimulates the absorption of Silymarin (from 23-47% up to more than 90%) which will lead to increased efficacy. On the other hand, the almost simultaneously achieving of optimal concentration levels (C max) for both Essential Phospholipids and Silymarin will potentiate more their hepatoprotective therapeutic effect.