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Allergiccough – a very unpleasant symptom for your child

Allergiccough – a very unpleasant symptom for your child


Even so, it’s important to remember that colds and allergies are distinct diseases caused by different causes. It should be taken into account that a cough due tohay feverwill start early in the season and will disappear as soon as spring ends.Although parents start worrying from the firstsigns, cough may sometimes be considered beneficial, being a defense mechanism with the purpose of protecting the entire respiratory tract from various external factors.

Signs and symptoms that require the help of a pediatrician:

  • Difficulty of breathing or breathing faster than usual
  • Fever;
  • For infants any episode of cough can be worrying.

In general, the remedies recommended for allergic cough are primarily soothing and emollient, local antiseptic and anti-inflammatory products.

Astha15 is a unique combination of 15 plant extracts with great effectiveness in all types of bronchial hyperactivity.

Astha-15 has: anti-inflammatory effect specific to the respiratory tract (lowers airway inflammation and edema, decreases mucus production, and improves symptoms of any acute or chronic respiratory inflammation) immunomodulatory effect, bronchodilator, mucolytic and antiasthmatic.

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