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One in four children is allergic, and 12 percent of Romanian suffer from some form of allergy – a reaction to a protein in the environment – national statistics show.
Allergy to pollen is the most common condition in this period, but allergic person is sensitive to various types of pollen. Pollen allergy period extends from February to October.
Asthma is based on a particular type of alergie.Potrivit specialists 60 percent of cases of allergies, asthma triggered based on pollen, dust, mold, or parts of animals. “Allergies can be monitored or treated, as long as the patient consults a specialist doctor.

Antihistaminesare the most commondrugs usedagainst allergiesbut be careful! Someantihistaminescan givesomnolence (not to be mixed withalcohol, it canleadmansinaaftertakeantihistamines).

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What would we do if we would generous nature and now out of the mess ? It provides solutions to these problems by numerous herbs that work effectively in this case .

Albizia lebbeck is a tall tree tropical deciduous , drought and cold tolerant , native of India. Albiza contains saponins , polyphenols, triterpenoids , alkaloids , glycosides and aromatic acids .
Albizia is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for treating asthma and allergies , and scientific research have confirmed the action of anti alergica. In several experiments , Albizia has proven effective in inhibiting certain immune processes that triggers or contribute to allergic symptoms . For example , Albizia stabilizes mast cells , the cells responsible for the bulk of histamine released during the allergic reaction .Histamina underlies allergic symptoms such as edema , itching , swelling of the throat and asthma .
Albizia specialists prescribe herbal medicine for the treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma , eczema and rhinitis . Research indicates that Albizia can help treat the most severe forms of allergy, shock anafilactic. Results showed that Albizia has a strong protective effect , partly due to increased action of adrenergic and airway dilatation .

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Extract of Albizia lebbeck

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Watery Extract  25:1 de Albizia lebbeck

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Roots Extract from Tumeric (Curcuma longa) cu 95% curcuminoide)

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