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Amazing benefits of horse chestnut from Endolex Forte and Endolex Gel

Amazing benefits of horse chestnut from Endolex Forte and Endolex Gel


Horse chestnut comes from Anatolia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran and northern India, where it has expanded throughout Europe and North America and has a remarkable longevity for over 1,000 years.

Chestnut was recommended by Hippocrates successful in its ancient recipes. Preparations of horse chestnut seeds are  effective remedy to prevent and combat many diseases such as varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose ulcers in the legs, painful cramping, venous and lymphatic insufficiency, and hemorrhoids. Also increase the tone of fragile capillaries and support the healing hematoma, bruising and sprains. These properties are due mainly content escin, coumarin and flavonoids, but also its rich content in vitamins B1 and B2, vitamin C and vitamin E. Chestnuts are rich in minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc .

So chestnuts hiding a real natural pharmacy, having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and analgesic.

Escin from chestnut protects collagen and elastin, the main proteins from the structure of blood vessels, this explains the beneficial effect that preparations with chestnut have on the circulatory system: strengthen and repair injured veins and capillaries, improve blood flow, improve heart function and brain.

Knowing the beneficial action of natural substances of horse chestnut on the circulatory and especially on symptoms of chronic venous disease you should choose Endolex Forte and Endolex Gel containing horse chestnut extract.

ENDOLEX Gama, full treatment for heavy and tired legs restore skin tone and elasticity, eliminates venous stasis and improves circulation to the extremities.

Endolex Forte and Endolex Gel is recommended to persons who:

  • have pain in legs, feeling of heavy legs and edema (swollen feet)
  • have night cramps
  • spend much time standing or sitting
  • wearing heels
  • are overweight
  • a history of signs of chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins, venous thrombosis, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids).


Ingredient                              Quantity                            ENDOLEX-FORTE-FEAT

Diosmin                                   225 mg 

Hesperidin                             25 mg 

Grape seed extract              100 mg 

Butcher’s broom root

extract                                     100 mg 

Horse chestnut  extract    50 mg 


Endolex Gel Tub                             Ingredient                                    %                              Red grape extract                       1   

                    Horse chestnut extract             1                                        Vitamin E                                   0.1-1                                    Camphor                                    0.1-1 

                    Menthol                                      0.1-1