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Andrographis paniculata in alternative medicine

Andrographis paniculata in alternative medicine


It is not known exactly but most likely birthplace of Andrographis is southern India and Sri Lanka. It takes the form of an annual plant high 30-110 cm, with oblong leaves, lanceolate. The flowers are small, white with pink dots on purple petals. Fruits are capsules 2 cm long and a few millimeters wide and containing yellow-brown seeds. Is cultivated for medicinal purposes in many Asian countries.

Andrographis paniculata is widely used in medicine altrenativă, especially in protecting the liver.

Andrographis paniculata has hepatoprotective action and is more potent than silymarin, observing an increase in the viability of hepatocytes and liver toxicity more pronounced decrease when administered Andrographis paniculata extract standardized. They are attenuated liver toxic effects of paracetamol, ethanol and other hepatotoxic substances.

It helps reduce oxidative stress in the hepatocyte membrane. Modern studies have failed to identify some of the biological active substances its composition, of which the most important are andrografolidele.

Both andrografolidele and other compounds in the extract of A. paniculata have shown that they have made in research and hepatoprotective effects hepatostimulatoare:

• demonstrated protective action against ethanol-induced increase in serum transaminases
• led to an improvement in the liver histological structure
• they have been effective in chronic infection with hepatitis B
• choleretic had significant effects

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Andrographis paniculata in alternative medicine

Andrographis paniculata in alternative medicine