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Asthma and combating of!

Asthma and combating of!


Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children (8-10 % of children suffer from asthma, with a male : female ratio of 3:1). Although the disease often begins before the age of 5 years (50 % of cases), only 20% of children will have asthma when they reach adulthood.

Asthma is manifested by two main mechanisms leading to the following clinical manifestations: Bronchial hyper-responsiveness (decrease in airway diameter, often as a result of excessive immune reactions inhalation of the allergen).
Bronchial inflammation with edema and hypersecretion as follows hyperreactivity, prone to complications, breathing becomes more difficult.
Therefore, the patient will present: cough onset (often nocturnal); Possible allergic phenomena: violent sneezing, with watery and watery rhinorrhea; Shortness of breath and hiss (wheezing), especially in expiration, with the desire to sit upright on the bed, with the windows open; In more severe cases occurs cyanosis (bluish coloration of the skin, lack of oxygen), agitation anxiety, confusion and loss of wheezing.

The causes of asthma attacks

The most common cause is allergic (more than 80 % for children). The most common allergens are: dust mites (microscopic organisms), dust , pets, pollen, molds, irritating chemicals, tobacco smoke and air pollution. Among the triggers also includes: cold air, medium or intense effort, strong emotions (anger, anxiety) and even certain medications, such as aspirin and NSAIDs. With time, bronchopulmonary infections occur, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and respiratory failure with continuous dyspnea among asthma. In addition, asthma can become unstable. Appearance of several crises during the day makes the response more difficult to the same dose of medication.


Treatment is aimed at synthetic medication bronchospasm and airway inflammation. It is important to have a medication prescribed by a physician, following an assessment in a specialized service to avoid complications in the event of a serious crisis.

Methods to prevent

Preventive measures are very important. Among them are: avoiding smoking, crowded places where respiratory virus epidemics, atmospheric pollutants and allergens considered triggers and administration of natural supplement.

At the onset of the crisis, begin to administer synthetic drugs prescribed by doctor. If in half-hour the episode is not improved, administrate synthetic medication together with natural supplements because it enhances the effects. 

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