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Asthma and combating of!

Asthma and combating of!


World Health Organization (WHO) says that asthma is a chronic disease of the bronchi (the ways through which the air is inspired and expired) , whose severity and frequency varies from one person to another, which is manifested by recurrent attacks of dyspnea (difficulty breathing during expiration) and wheezing (breathing hiss, noisy breathe) .

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children (8-10 % of children suffer from asthma, with a male : female ratio of 3:1). Although the disease often begins before the age of 5 years (50 % of cases), only 20% of children will have asthma when they reach adulthood
Asthma is manifested by two main mechanisms leading to the following clinical manifestations:

-bronchial hyper-responsiveness (decrease in airway diameter, often as a result of excessive immune reactions inhalation of the allergen).
– bronchial inflammation with edema and hypersecretion as follows hyperreactivity, prone to complications, breathing becomes more difficult.
Therefore, the patient will present: cough onset (often nocturnal); Possible allergic phenomena: violent sneezing, with watery and watery rhinorrhea; Shortness of breath and hiss (wheezing), especially in expiration, with the desire to sit upright on the bed, with the windows open; In more severe cases occurs cyanosis (bluish coloration of the skin, lack of oxygen), agitation anxiety, confusion and loss of wheezing.


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