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Azadirachta indica (Neem)- the most powerful natural antibiotic

Azadirachta indica (Neem)- the most powerful natural antibiotic


His name in Sanskrit is Arishtha , which translates as ” the liberator of diseases .” Neem is a plant with regenerative properties of the body, strengthens the immune system , purify the blood of toxins , remove fever, heal skin ulcers , eliminate foreign tissues in the body and has astringent properties that hasten healing .

Also , the plant has proven antidiabetic action by stimulating insulin secretion by pancreatic beta-cells ( ” islets of Langerhans ” ) , its action is similar to the sulfonyl – urea and chlorpropamide , the reference product. In addition, Neem helps in normal functioning of the immune system severely affected in case of diabetes .

It is a tree that can be used almost anywhere : leaves , bark, seeds , flowers and fruits .
The bark can be used in case of loss of appetite , fatigue , cough, infection with intestinal worms and helps heal wounds , to fight vomiting , excessive thirst and Treatment of skin diseases .
The leaves are used to remove toxins , prevent damage done by free radicals , purify the blood and also their use is beneficial in diseases of the eye and in case of bites of insects .
Fruits are purgative properties , and helminthic Antihaemorrhoidals .
Flowers and seeds are astringent and are used against helminthic worms and anti -bacterial properties .
The oil contains mostly triglycerides and large amounts of triterpene compounds . Also contains steroids ( campesterol , beta -sitosterol , stigmasterol ) and triterpenoids of which Azadirachtin is the most well known and studied compound .

Best known for its uses but oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the Neem tree . He is known as a non-volatile oil with antiseptic ( prevents bacteria growth and development ), antifungals ( prevents the growth and development of fungi ) and bacterial ( prevents bacteria growth and development ) and antiiflamatorii (reduces inflammation and swelling ) , antipyretic ( reduces fever) , analgesic ( relieves pain ) and immunostimulants (increases the body ‘s defense mechanism to fight infection )
The oil has many uses and is used to improve hair health , improve liver functions to detoxify the blood , to balance blood sugar levels and is considered to not have side effects .
Neem oil is known as being successfully used to treat rheumatism , eczema, ring worm , ” foot Highness ” ( athlete’s foot ) , psoriasis , warts, chronic syphilitic sores , or infected skin wounds that heal slowly and for treating other skin infections .

Benefits of neem extract

Due to its properties, neem extract is commonly used in various skin products for users to have a clean and healthy skin without acne and without traces left by pimples.
All these benefits you can regasii in Acneaid product.

Acneaid capsules


• Leaf Extract  Azardirachta indica 75mg
• Bark Extract Azardirachta indica 75mg
• Extract of Rubia cordifolia 75mg
• Haridra- Turmeric Extract 75mg
• Harda – Terminalia chebula Extract 75mg
•-Khadir Acacia catechu extract 50mg

Indications :

• Acne Vulgaris
• Acne Rosacea

Administration mode:

• Acneaid capsules:
2 capsules /day,  morning and evening