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Be smarter. Live more. Be active. Progresses in Age more slowly

Be smarter. Live more. Be active. Progresses in Age more slowly


Clinical evidence suggests that EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) from Omega 3 play an important rol in health and body development. Also that EPA and DHA are important strucural elements of the body cells, so these fatty acids can protect us from certain conditions, that cause degeneration of cells or organs. The human body is not able to produce Omega 3 fatty acids as a result they must be brought from food .

During breastfeed , DHA is received through breast milk, but after this period it is important that they continue to receive the “essential” fatty acids for normal growth and development.

Clinical evidence suggests:

·         Improving eyesight

·         Increasing cognitive and behavioral development capacities. 

Also some studies show us beneficts in:

·         Aging immune system

·         Prevention of asthma

The solution from Sun Wave Pharma is the product POLI-OMEGA which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and keep them within the normal range due to its unique natural formula, with the largest concentration of fatty acids Omega 3 – 500 mg(300mg EPA si 200mg DHA) from 1000mg Fish Oil and 5mg PolicosanolSoft gelatinous capsule of Omega-3 is perfect for maintaining healthy cell membranes and hormonal regulation and ensure completion of necessary fatty acids being the equivalent of 5 meals of fish food

·         The composition of the EPA and DHA fatty acids Omega 3 helps in maintaining the health of heart

·         DHA Contribute to maintaining normal function of the brain

·         DHA support eye health

The Policosanol from POLI-OMEGA  is effective in the management of hiperlipidemy, by the significant reduction in total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and raising HDL.



·         single dose in prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases

·         2 capsules/day in hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidaemia and to prevent the risk of death in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

What role does Omega 3?

  • contribute to the functioning of the heart and maintaining blood pressure within the normal range
  • can prevent breast cancer, as well as the colon.
  • normalizes the glucose tolerance of diabetic patients, significantly decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease of those