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FluEnd Extreme

FluEnd Extreme


Simply EXTREMELY good.

Cold weather season comes with suffering, sometimes unavoidable, around us, “swarming” over 200 viruses responsible for respiratory infections.

Sores throat begin to appear, that portend most often a cold, these are some of the most frequent manifestations, because most viruses are localized in the tonsils, pharynx or larynx.
FluEnd Extreme it is a unique combination of natural active ingredients, efficient in calming irritated and sore throat.

Each tablet FluEnd Extreme it contains natural ingredients, each with a very important role in calming irritated and sore throat and cough irritative:

  • menthol and peppermint support normal functioning of the upper respiratory system and soothes the throat.
  • menthol helps to decongest the nose.
  • vitamin C contributes to normal functioning of the immune system and protect cells against oxidative stress
  • shock extract helps thinning bronchial secretions and normal functioning of the upper airway
  • eucalyptus oil is soothing and emollient oropharyngeal mucosa
  • mallow extracts have emollient effects in the neck.