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Butchers Broom – natural and effective solution for heavy and tired legs

Butchers Broom – natural and effective solution for heavy and tired legs


Suffering legs frequently begin with tingling, cramping, and swelling on the ankle or unsightly legs. Such inconveniences usually occur at the end of the day. Usually most affected by heavy leg symptoms medical called venous insufficiency are women, and two in three women suffer due to poor blood circulation to the legs.

This inconvenience is often accompanied by varicose veins and is caused by hormonal changes, obesity and diseases such as diabetes. Venous insufficiency does not heal, but there are very effective natural remedies that can prevent complications.

Butchers Broom is used for decades to support vein health, and studies indicate that it helps reduce itching, tingling and cramps caused by occasionally felt discomfort in the legs. It is one of the most effective treatments recommended in venous insufficiency.

It is also frequently used to alleviate problems related to hemorrhoids.

Butchers Broom that lies behind the product Endolex Forte is an excellent stimulating venous circulation. Thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, it improves the integrity of the veins and reduces tissue inflammation.

Butchers Broom containing active substances called saponins scientific and ruscogenins that increase firmness of blood vessel walls. Butchers Broom is recommended against edema (water retention) because it is an excellent diuretic, but also has vasoconstrictor action.

Endolex Forte is recommended to persons who:

  • have pain in legs, feeling of heavy legs and edema (swollen feet)
  • have night cramps
  • spend much time standing or sitting
  • wearing heels
  • are overweight
  • a history of signs of chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins, venous thrombosis, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids).



Diosmin225 mg
Hesperidin25 mg
Grape seed extract100 mg
Butchers Broom extract100 mg
Horse chestnut extract50 mg