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Drops of calcium

Drops of calcium


Caderile de calciu Bonium Maxx

Hypocalcemia and calcium deficiency has multiple manifestations, tingling in the limbs, muscle twitching spontaneous (cramp) at various muscle groups (arms, legs, trunk, face), difficulty in swallowing food, sensations of numbness in the hands, difficulty in concentrating attention , state of insomnia, palpitations, hormonal disorders, abdominal pain (sometimes violent).

From minerals, calcium deficiency is causing many problems, as is the mineral present in the highest quantity in the body: one kilograms half a kilogram. A large part of the calcium is fixed in the bones and teeth, while the rest is distributed in tissues and body fluids. The values are generally higher in men than women and tend to decrease slightly with age.

The reasons are mainly the lack of supply of calcium. Some foods rich in sugar, phosphorus or potassium decrease calcium absorption and increase its renal dismissed. So sugars, pasta, sugary sweets, alcohol, salt, caffeine-rich products reduced calcium in the body.

The most effective source of calcium is one of eggshells, which contain magnesium, vitamin D, and a number of proteins and phosphorus – nutrients important for maintaining health. Calcium and vitamin D3 claim immunity and bone structure, and add important where phosphorus and calcium with magnesium help maintain healthy cardiovascular system.

Calcium in eggshells, shows 90% pure calcium, which is properly directed to the bones and teeth only with vitamin K2MK7.

All these benefits can be found in Bonium Maxx.

Calciu (din coajă de ou)437,5 mg55
 Vitamina K245 mcg60
Vitamina D310 mcg200

*Valorile nutriționale de referință conform Regulamentului 1169/2011

          Mod de utilizare:

  • oral – 1-2 comprimate pe zi

Caderile de calciu bonium maxx