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Your children immunity it is A PRECIOUS SHIELD…

Your children immunity it is A PRECIOUS SHIELD…


When taking care of your small ones, their immunity level is without doubt the most important thing to consider.

With a strong immunity system, we can spare them from the unpleasant effects of the cold season when, temperature drops and rejoining collectivities cause repeated respiratory infections.

The immunity system is made of the total amount of cells, molecules and mechanism involved in the defense and maintenance process of the body’s integrity. Therefore he has a role to recognize, attack and destroy but also to learn each type of pathogenic agent that enters the organism.

What we need to know about immunity is that it can be classified in: born immunity and gained immunity. When we talk about born immunity we refer to the one inherited, which cannot be changed throughout life. When it comes to the gained immunity, we refer to the one that is influenced by external factors like, vaccines, diets, environment factors, etc. Born immunity can also be divided into specific and nonspecific immunity.

Nonspecific immunity is the body’s first line of defense and it includes: teguments, mucosa, cili and mucus from the breathing system, body temperature, etc. Specific immunity is the one in which the body reacts with a series of specific defense mechanisms, like for every pathogenic agent the antibodies manage to recognize and start a immunologic reaction.

Immunity can be increased through immunostimulation and immunomodulation.

Immunostimulation represents the increase of immunity status of the body, by bringing in from outside some attenuated antigens, which will generate the antibodies development (immunostimulation pharmaceuticals preparations).

Immunomodulation represent the increase of the immunity response of the body by activating the own defense mechanisms. Therefore the preparations with imunomodulator effect increase the embedment capacity, the digestions of cells vs. bacteria and viruses, also rasises the action potential of antibodies at the body’s defense barrier level (e.g. amygdale & pharyngeal level). (immunomodalator pharmaceuticals preparations)

Fever, caught, swolen amigdals, swore throat and cloged nose are for a lot of parents issues which they’re facing each year, as soon as their child rejoins the educational community. Unfortunatelly, most of the time, the sollution applied is antibiotic treatment.  Besides the well known side effects, repeated antibiotic treatments, also results in the installoing of a certain degree of depression of the immune system. The episode frequency, and also the intensity of the so called „colds”, can idicate if we’re dealing with a deficitary imunity system.

Nature always offers us solutions for preventive actions, and Sun Wave Pharma makes this process simple, efficient and safe.