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Co-Q10 is needed for energy production by all body cells and is especially important in muscle. The heart is made up largely of muscles and is a great “consumer” of coenzyme Q10. When Co- Q10 levels are low, cells cannot produce adequate energy, function less well and are more likely to become diseased.

While statins can reduce cholesterol levels by 40-50%, they also reduce Co-Q10 by the same amount – and often more quickly. In fact, taking a statin can halve your circulating blood levels of Co-Q10 within just two weeks. Although lowering Co-Q10 levels may not cause difficulties for healthy volunteers, it can worsen heart problems in some people. As a result, all statins sold in Canada are now required to carry a warning that they may seriously deplete Co-Q10 levels in the body, which can lead to impaired cardiac functioning in people with congestive heart failure.

Importantly, taking Co-Q10 supplements has been shown to maintain blood levels of Co-Q10 without affecting the cholesterol-lowering effect of the statin drug. And a recent study showed that combining simvastatin with 60mg Co-Q10 produced improved heart health benefits compared with taking simvastatin alone. Co-Q10 supplements appear to be especially important for those on statins who have familial hypercholesterolemia (inherited raised cholesterol levels) or heart failure or who are over 65 years of age.

Procor Forte contains the optimal dose of Coenzyme Q10, needed by the patients treated with statins. In addition, Procor Forte contains selenium and vitamin B2, necessary for the proper functioning of heart.