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Cough and sore throat

Cough and sore throat


Discomfort in the throat, the irritating dry cough and hoarseness are some of the most common symptoms that we face when is cold.

Why do they appear?

Viruses are ‘responsible’ for the development of colds season. Inflammation of the throat is accompanied by irritating cough – extremely unpleasant, sore throat, runny nose, hoarseness and malaise.

Dryness of the throat occurs because of exposure to air conditioning, long journeys by car, train or plane. Also, exposure to very dry air – in overheated rooms, create dry throat and irritated. Smoking, alcohol, excessive talking or singing, are also contributing to the occurrence of hoarseness and sore throat.

What’s important to know is that they can be soothed quickly, efficiently, safely, using natural products.

  • Menthol and peppermint support the normal functioning of the upper respiratory system and soothes the throat; helps decongest the nose;
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal functioning of the immune system and protect cells against oxidative stress;
  • Elderflower extract helps thin mucus and bronchial smooth functioning of the upper respiratory tract;
  • Eucalyptus oil has calming and soothing oropharyngeal mucosa;
  • Mallow extracts have emollient and lime in the neck.

All these are contained in FluEnd Extreme product designed specifically to combat feelings of sore throat, cough and runny nose.

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Products in this range are designed to meet patients with signs of cold or flu, without exposing the body to possible side effects. Based on multiple standardized natural active ingredients, Fluend products address both symptomatic relief of colds induced respiratory installed and shortening healing time of cold or flu.