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Cough – the first enemy for children in the cold season

Cough – the first enemy for children in the cold season


Although parents worry at the first signs of cough, sometimes it may be considered a beneficial reflex, acting like a defense mechanism, with the special purpose of protecting the entire respiratory tract by various external factors.

In turn, when your child has difficulties in breathing or he is breathing faster than usual and he has fever, any episode of coughing can be alarming, clear signs that parents should visit the pediatrician. Moreover, after episodes of cold or flu children face a residual cough that can last up to a month, coughing that can be countered naturally without side effects.

A natural product that acts promptly and efficiently in calming cough episodes is Astha15 – a unique combination of 15 plants with a particular effectiveness in all types of bronchial hyperactivity.

One of the plants in Astha15’s composition is Adhatoda vasica, also known as the Malabar Nut. Research studies have demonstrated that it has some special properties because in its composition we can find vasicina, which is the natural precursor of ambroxol (semisynthetic active substance).

Adhatoda vasica has good effects as an expectorant, mucokinetic and bronchodilator. Together with the other plants in the formulation, Adhatoda vasica extract confers the product a complex mechanism of action: the anti-inflammatory effect specific to the respiratory tract (lower airway inflammation and edema, decreases mucus production, improves symptoms of any acute or chronic respiratory inflammation) immunomodulatory effect, bronchodilator, mucolytic and antiasthmatic.

All of the above benefits are provided in a natural way by Sun Wave Pharma’s product – Astha 15.