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D-Mannose, an innovative breakthrough against acute UTI

D-Mannose, an innovative breakthrough against acute UTI


From his experience, this treatment has an efficacy rate of 85% to 90%.
D-mannose is absorbed intact into the blood, and about 90% is excreted in the urine in the next 30-60 minutes, with no negative effect on diabetic patients. 
D-mannose mechanism is simple though effective. It has the ability to bind bacterial fimbriae in urine as those already set to urinary epithelium and then removed through the urinary stream.

Urisan Forte – Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Acute UTI


• 2 sachets per day during the antibiotic therapy

• 2 sachets per day preceding the results.


• D-Mannose – 300 mg

• Proanthocyanidins – 36 mg PAC / sachet from 180 mg Cranberry extract (20% PAC)


• Urisan Forte offers the advantage of Cranberry extract (PAC) supplemented with D-mannose which has also a powerful anti-adherent effect on E. coli.

• As an effervescent powder, Urisan Forte is absorbed quickly and therefore provides a more rapid remission of symptoms.

• Can be safely administered to pregnant women regardless of trimester.

• Can be used safely without risk of side effects.