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Defeat cold naturally and safely!

Defeat cold naturally and safely!


Aggressive treatment of respiratory virus diseases by administering anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, antipyretics and antibiotics, without specialist advice, not a guaranteed path to a therapeutic success, but increases the risk of exposure to the effect of “boomerang”.

So far, one thing is clear and proven: There is no cure for cold that treats its cause – killing the virus. Treatment is symptomatic. In other words addressing the effects, not the cause.

It is helpful to present some “myths” about the cold and scientific data contradiction:

• Flu is produced by cold – is not caused by cold, but by specific pathogens, the most common viruses. Cold is only a contributing factor. Inhalation of cold air and low body temperature leads to the phenomenon of vasoconstriction, thus affecting blood circulation. Therefore, mobilization of leukocytes and antibodies is weak to defeat the virus.

• Antibiotics are recommended in cold or flu – antibiotics are effective against bacteria but not viruses. Antibiotics can be administered only in the case which cold is complicated bacterial (otitis, bronchitis or pneumonia). In other words, it can take care of secondary bacterial infections.

Therefore, Sun Wave Pharma offers range

FluEnd range are designed to meet the requirements of patients with signs of cold or flu, without exposing the body to possible side effects based on standardized multiple natural active principles.

FluEnd range brings about both symptomatic relief of induced respiratory cold and shortens the period of sufferings due to cold.