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Defeat residual cough with Astha15!

Defeat residual cough with Astha15!


Although the period when children are more expose  to respiratory infections is almost gone, residual cough remains a problem.

Even if cough is defined as a process of defense of our body,  an reflex act by stimulation of irritation receptors located throughout the respiratory tract (from the pharynx to the level of terminal bronchioles) this is a concern and often justified frequent presence at  the doctor consult.

When referring to “residual cough” in children, we speak about  that cough wich is installed after episodes of respiratory infections and of which duration may be even more than a month. Another important element in the diagnosis of residual cough is that it remains with the same characteristics  the entire period.

Astha15 has in its composition 15 natural plant extracts that have special effects in relieve cresidual cough,  with a complex mechanism of action with: anti-inflammatory effect specifically for respiratory tract – reduces inflammation and swelling of the airways, decrease mucus production, improves symptoms of any respiratory inflammation

Compared to the synthetic medication it can be administered for a long time, without side effects

Astha-15  200ml syrup.