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Diseases triggered by the fall – Rheumatic diseases

Diseases triggered by the fall – Rheumatic diseases


Children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are most affected by changes of temperature in winter season. Symptoms varies  from one person to another and are especially aggravated by age.
Some of the diseases that is spreading in early autumn, due to fluctuations in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure are common cold or flu, bronchitis and asthma, ulcer, heart attack, rheumatic diseases, obesity.

The rheumatism is aggravated by cold weather. How to relieve the pain caused by this condition?

Arthritis is one of the most common forms of rheumatism that occurs in winter. Exposure to cold temperatures can cause increased sensitivity and joint pain. Common symptoms include pain rheumatism, inflammation and stiffness. Rheumatic diseases are more prevalent among the elderly, but also young people can face such problems.
Osteoarthritis is another form of rheumatism, which are located especially in the joints of the spine, hips, knees and joints of the fingers. Rheumatism patients should avoid exposure to cold and moisture. Warm baths, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories and analgesics are useful measures in improving symptoms of this condition.
Traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda emphasizes on joint disease in general and especially forms of arthritis. Ayurvedic treaties described in detail both diagnostic modalities and differentiation, as well as natural remedies developed.
The effects of these plants on specific diseases of autumn are recognized today by modern medicine. Rediscovered by doctors and therapists, medicinal plants show their real strength of their healing.
Part of Ayurvedic plants used to treat these conditions were combined in the product Reumabloc. Through his antioxidant effect, Reumabloc  is a natural remedy that helps to improve blood circulation in general and in the joints. The immediate effect is to eliminate pain and inflammation in joints, limbs and mobility play stopping the degenerative process.

One of the plants used in the preparation of this product is :

Boswelia Serrata, known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic remedy that acts directly on joint inflammation, the direct cause of pain. It is used successfully in the case of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, has osteoarthritis, arthritis. Boswellia works by dissolving deposits of waste products, the effect is so strong that he even dissolve gallstones like formations.

Zingiber officinalis – Ginger reduces tissue inflammatory joint condition, feeding him and thus, relieving pain. Ginger acts  on the circulatory system also and improve the blood circulation thanks to the vaso-dilator effect.

Withania somnifera – Ashwaganda is a sacred plant in India, considered by both, traditional medicine and researchers, as being particularly valuable due to the tonic effects, invigorating, fighting inflammation and pain, a strong and safe natural remedy to support those affected.

Vitex negundo – Nirgundi also has remedial actions and effects of inflammation, especially in the joints.
Both, Reumabloc gel and capsules helps in regaining and maintaining health of the joints. Improves joint mobility, overcoming the discomfort caused by arthritis specific stiffness condition.