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Effective solutions for joint pain

Effective solutions for joint pain


Arthritis is in a strict relation with its location and it occurs most often in the context of metabolic or degenerative diseases or ageing in people with sedentary lifestyle and poor diet (most often too high in animal protein). Arthritis may have different locations; the most affected being the large joints: knee (osteoarthritis), hips (coxarthrosis), shoulders, spine (spondylitis). Osteoarthritis is characterized by degeneration of cartilage and damage to other components of the joint, bones, capsule and synovia. It occurs when the cartilage that cushions the joints becomes rough and thin, in the process of degradation suffered.

As a result, bones try to fill the void left in the region. Pain occurs when they rub against each other, and the joint becomes stiff and inflamed. The body defends itself by sending cells to restore the injuries suffered. Arthritis causes are multiple ones; among them we mention trauma, excessive weight, hormonal factors, repeated or prolonged exposure to cold and moisture, food deficiencies.

One in five adults aged 45 years old or more are diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. The remedy to which they resort is represented by many painkillers, but they only temporarily relieve pain. These drugs do not work on restoring joint health.

With a little care the story can now be less painful by using this Natural, Safe and Effective treatment  MUVON which brings notable benefits not only in functionality but also in reducing joint pain.

Hydrolyzed type IIcollagenacts asa bufferthat protects cells fromstressand thusmaintainsconnectivetissueelasticity, some of the most importantsubstance that comprises the jointcartilageGlucosamine(HCl) is a source ofdailynutrition forhealthyjoints;glucosaminehydrochloric acid(HCl) providesfundamentalsupportto cushionthe cartilage, which makes it possible tomovecomfortably. VitaminCstimulates the production ofcollagenand elastin        

People experiencing constant pain are offered MUVON for this condition.

Collagen peptides


      9,184 g       

Glucosamine HCL 450 mg      
Vitamin C 66 mg