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Efficient choices make life easier…

Efficient choices make life easier…


Saline-therapy implies the inhalation of saline aerosols (by spending time inside a saline), through which respiratory affections are being treated. Aerosols represent micro particles in suspensions within the gaseous environment. Salt is a bactericidal substance, which does not allow microbe cultures to develop by acting like a disinfectant and at the same time has the capacity (given the right temperature and humidity) to emanate saline aerosols.

These treatment sessions also have a local anti-inflammatory effect, by reducing the number of inflammatory cells in the bronchial wall. Also through its bactericidal characteristic it facilitates the expectoration by fluidizing the mucus. These treatments are also recommended for healthy people due to the benefit of the body’s remineralisation, with a one-time per month frequency, or whenever there is a need for a light cold treatment. In addition preventive treatments are also recommended in changing season period.

Due to the fact that salines are not always to convenient to find, we can now enjoy the salino-therapy in the comfort of our own home.

RESPISUN – hypertonic saline solution 3%

With a concentration rate which cannot be found in any other product on the market, Respisun formula is based on a series of studies which confirm that the aerosols obtained through the nebulization of a hypertonic saline solution 3% are efficient in ameliorating the bronchitis symptoms and in speeding up the disease curing evolution.

Usage through nebulization to ameliorate symptoms of: bronchitis with syncytial respiratory virus or other viral respiratory infections; cystic fibrosis (mucovicidose); sinusitis or other diseases in this area. Usage for nasal hygiene: in a form of nasal drops.