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ESENTIN FORTE – double hepatoprotective action in one capsule!

ESENTIN FORTE – double hepatoprotective action in one capsule!


Esentin Forte is one of the best nutritional supplements based on Essential phospholipids because it contains 400 mg of Essential phospholipids in each capsule (superior concentration to other similar preparations), which ensures high efficiency. In addition, Esentin Forte contains also silymarin (Milk thistle extract), the plant most known for its hepatoprotective effects in the world.

But back to the Essential phospholipids from Esentin Forte.

Acute and chronic liver diseases are important causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Conventional medical therapies for many of these disorders and diseases have limited efficacy. Often in liver diseases complementary and alternative therapies are considered to be more effective and safer than conventional medicine and are used by more and more patients worldwide.

Phospholipids are essential components of all cellular and sub-cellular membranes, with phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine being the most abundant, and they can form lipid bilayers. The integrity and function of the external (cellular) and internal (subcellular) membrane systems depend on their composition and on the integrity of their phospholipid structure.

Phosphatidylcholines are indispensable for cellular differentiation, proliferation, and regeneration, as well as for the transport of molecules through membranes. Membrane fluidity plays a significant role in the function of biological membranes, and fluidity is decisively influenced by the composition of phospholipids.

In-vitro and in-vivo clinical trials proved that EPL influenced membrane-dependent cellular functions and showed the following actions:

–          anti-oxidant

–          anti-inflammatory

–          anti-fibrotic

–          apoptosis-modulating

–          regenerative

–          membrane-repairing and –protective

–          cell-signaling and receptorinfluencing

–          lipid-regulating effects in intoxication models with chemicals or drugs

Essential phospholipids administration brings to the human body the following benefits: alleviating symptoms, improving well-being, inducing histological changes and slowing the progression of liver disease (fatty liver disease of different origin, drug hepatotoxicity and adjuvant in chronic viral hepatitis).

It is important to note that Essential phospholipid did not produced any adverse reactions because their chemical structure and configuration correspond with intramembrane locate phospholipids. In all clinical trials Essential phospholipids were very well tolerated. There are also no known interactions with drugs of Essential phospholipids.

Mode of action and pharmacological effects of Essential phospholipids from Esentin forte in the liver

The normal human liver consists of about 300 billion hepatocytes, and the total surface of all cellular and sub-cellular membranes amounts to approximately 33,000 square meters. Many biological reactions take place at and in this membrane surface. Serious disorders may occur due to toxic, inflammatory, allergic, metabolic or immunological effects caused by viruses, organic solvents, alcohol, medication, drugs and fatty food, leading to morphological cell damage. Regardless of the origin, damage to liver cell membranes and the organelles is generally present in liver diseases. Such disorders may be positively influenced or eliminated by the administration of Essential phospholipids/Esentin Forte. These effects of Essential phospholipids became more pronounced as the drug was administered earlier.

Mode of action of Essential phospholipids/Esentin Forte in liver disease:

–          Membrane structure restored and membrane fluidity increased

–          Membrane-associated metabolic functions enhanced

–          Peroxidative reactions reduced or normalized

–          Cytolysis decreased; excretory, detoxifying/clearing and synthesizing capacity of the liver improved

–          Regeneration stimulated

–          Fibrogenic processes inhibited or corrected

–          Apoptosis influenced

–          Bile composition stabilized

–          Lipid metabolism modulated; fatty infiltration and hepatocyte necrosis diminished or abolished


The odds of success in therapy depends on many factors, of which two predominate: the efficacy of the therapeutic agent and the stage of disease when therapy is started. Presently, it is well understood that most liver diseases are too complex to be treated with only a single agent, which makes it difficult to evaluate the efficacy attributable to any one treatment component. However, all liver diseases include membrane-related defects that are at least partly induced by lipid peroxidation as one of the earliest events.

Therefore the benefits of Essential phospholipids / Esentin Forte are obvious, contributing to normalization of hepatocyte membrane structure and function and helping at the same time with their anti-oxidant effects on liver cell protection and recovery.