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Essential minerals in osteoporosis

Essential minerals in osteoporosis


After age 30, men and women start to lose bone mass naturally. Slow bone loss prevention and prevention of osteoporosis can be made through a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D intake and is especially important for women in the early years after menopause, when bone loss is done in a faster rhythm.

But that’s not all!

We must be aware that in the human body, osteoporosisprocesses are complex and dependent on other important minerals also.

Calcium is deposited normally on a protein structure called organic bone matrix. For the synthesis of these proteins, three existing mineral in the human bodyare extremely useful: zinc, manganese and copper.

The problem occurs once with age because their quantity decreases gradually, which contributes significantly to the occurrence of osteoporosis in women, especially after menopause.

Medical studies performed confirm that the calcium with copper, zinc and manganese even lead to the reduction of osteoporosis.

4 Bones® Plus has the optimum calcium dosage according to osteoporosis guides along copper, zinc and manganese.

Each tablet of 4 BONES®PLUS contains:

Ionic Calcium 500mg:

  • Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite-150 mg
  • Calcium carbonate – 1000 mg
  • Calcium Citrate – 200 mg
  • Calcium phosphate – 85 mg
  • Zinc 7,5mg
  • Manganese 1,8mg
  • Copper 1,5mg
  • Vitamin D3 10 mcg (400UI)

Mode of Administration:

  • 2 tablets per day in osteoporosis
  • 1 tablet per day in hypocalcaemia
4bones plus

4bones plus