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Why you essential phospholipids and silymarin in liver protector?

Why you essential phospholipids and silymarin in liver protector?


Phospholipids are part of cell membranes, regulates exchanges hepatocyte membrane and activates the enzyme systems at this level. Liver function are dependent on the rate of metabolic changes, which is influenced, in turn, to the structure of membrane phospholipids and their fatty acid content.

Essential phospholipids contained in ESENTIN FORTE are incorporated into the membranes of liver cells and contributes to normal lipid metabolism and maintain the normal function of the liver.

Silymarin is the dried extract of fruits Silybum marianum and is composed of a complex of flavonoids. For too long, this natural substance is considered very effective in maintaining liver health.

Silymarin helps maintain the ability of liver cells resistant to the toxins, stimulate liver detoxification function and synthesis function of hepatocytes (liver cells). It helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes of hepatocytes, by hindering penetration in the liver cells of toxic substances (alcohol, toxic chemicals, medication risk hepato-toxic, toxins resulting from food processing etc.).

However, silymarin plays an important role in thinning and removal of bile, which contributes to normal functioning of the hepatobiliary system.


Esentin Forte – Perfect synergy
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Silymarin – 100 mg