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Facts you didn’t know about Calcium…

Facts you didn’t know about Calcium…


Calcium is helpful in the growth process and bone development, it reduces fracture risk, prevents osteoporosis and facilitates normal blood clotting. It also has an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and relaxation. In addition it regulates hormone levels and stimulates immunity. Being the most present mineral in the body, calcium represents 1.5% of body weight.

Calcium uptake in the body is dependent upon the presence of vitamin D3. In the absence of this vitamin, the whole calcium absorption process is deficient. Generally, only 40% of ingested calcium is absorbed at the intestinal level, the process being negatively influenced by multiple factors such as: high fat meals, excessive sodium intake, cereal consumption, various drugs and even seasonality (from September to March).

Recently developed pharmaceutical technologies have made ​​possible a calcium preparation for children, which manages to overcome all barriers mentioned above.

Sun Wave Pharma offers an excellent formula, named 4 Bones Junior, syrup that has as active ingredient liposomal calcium, a special form of calcium, with the highest bioavailability of all calcium products. The absorption of this preparation is not influenced by the presence of vitamin D3, nor does it interact with other food constituents, minerals or drugs.

4 Bones Junior is easily accepted by children, having a very pleasant strawberry taste. The product should be administered in small doses, being effective in preventing and correcting calcium deficiencies in children.