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Gastric hyperacidity

Gastric hyperacidity


Gastric hyperacidity means that stomach secretes excessive gastric juice, which is composed of hydrochloric acid and pepsin (an enzyme that untie meat protein), and this excess can damage the own stomach lining and produce unpleasant symptoms. Hyperacidity symptoms may include: nausea, pain, heartburn, acid regurgitation, bloating, vomiting. If these symptoms are not controlled primarily by changing eating habits and lifestyle (less stress) they may progress to serious diseases such as gastritis or stomach ulcer.

Natural remedies for hyperacidity – Topacid

In case of gastric hyperacidity for rapid relief of symptoms, decrease acid secretion and protect the stomach lining from the action of acid gastric juice, there is a natural remedy Topacid that contains licorice extract, asparagus, roses and Tinospora cordifolia.

These natural extracts have been shown to be beneficial to the stomach, reducing the amount of acid produced and its aggressive effect on the stomach, favored their defense factors, exerted antioxidant, helping to maintain the integrity of the cells that make up the gastric mucosa.

In addition, licorice extract has been shown to inhibit adhesion to human gastric mucosa of highly dangerous bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, which is the main determinant of ulcer occurrence (physicians currently use the phrase: “There is no ulcer without Helicobacter pylori “). In this way, Topacid protects against infection or re- infection with H. pylori, which is extremely important for protecting the stomach.

Topacid can be taken in long term because has no adverse effects and discontinuing therapy with Topacid will not develop worsening symptoms, as occurs in other preparations for stomach. In addition Topacid exerts anxiolytic and adaptogenic activity, lowering the impact that nervous factors and stress might have in the acid secretion.

Topacid – Balances NATURALLY the gastric balance!