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Getting the small ones ready for reentering into the community

Getting the small ones ready for reentering into the community


Regarding the coproparasitologic exam, its result can be influenced by different factors  that you may qualify as false negative, such as intake of antidiuretic or antacid medicine in the previous 2 weeks. There are cases where even if the parasite is present in the digestive tube, we cannot establish the presence of its eggs through this exam. In case of a positive result, the synthesis treatments that are recommended usually show a high toxicological risk, influencing in a negative way the hepatic function. These treatments are recommended for a maximum of 2 times/year, as the reinfection rate is much higher.

There are some alternative treatments such as: consuming plants (cichorium intybus), fruits (apricots), seeds (pumpkin seeds) with anthelmintic effect, method which has a limited spectrum and a longer period to strengthen its efficiency. Having a base of 11 plants, all with anthelmintic and carminative effect, the ideal solution for intestinal parazitosis is Wormex.

The Wormex treatment gave results in killing and eliminating the intestinal parasites and their eggs, reducing the symptoms associated with intestinal parazitosis, and also prevention of reoccurrence during treatment. It has a wide spectrum range by taking action in Giardia Lamblia, Ascaris Lumbricoides, Enternobius vermicularis  and other species of round and wide worms.

Wormex protects liver function and diminishes the associated symptoms, having a complex mechanism of action.