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An important role in cartilage formation processes and the structure of tendons, ligaments and joints, glucosamine plays.

Glucosamine is a molecule containing glucose quite simple. Specifically, it is a sugar naturally synthesized in the body and one of the main constituents of cartilage.

It is produced by chondrocytes of cartilage, to help maintain the health of joints and make up with chondrocytes and cartilage collagen.

Articular cartilage, under normal circumstances, put the ends of bones. Though endowed with resistance to pressure and tensile forces, as a result of continuous requests from the subject joints over time is worn. One consequence is the emergence of joint pain and inflammation of tissues.

Glucozamanina is available in various forms, such as chloride, glucosamine, N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) and glucosamine sulphate which is a salt of glucosamine. Although glucosamine sulfate is the most used, between it and chloride glucosamine no significant differences in efficacy or contraindication.

All tissues affected by various pathologies osteo-articular or painful symptoms, they share the same flaw glucosamine.

Therefore, glucosamine by nature acts to maintain the health of all connective tissues of the body. As dietary supplements, are used to the effects of analgesics, anti-inflammatory and regenerative.

Because of analgesic action, the substance is used to treat joint pain, assigning the role of inflammation is due to the indirect action of glucosamine. In combination with hyaluronic acid, helps the flow of synovial fluid (deficiency of these compounds is specific for arthritis).

Therapeutic indications

  • Joint pain relief;
  • Bone cartilage regeneration.

Glucosamine is not present in any food, for that reason, offsetting weaknesses and treat osteo-articular pathologies likely will be using food supplements.

Muvon is the ideal combination of glucosamine, collagen type 2 and vitamin C


• Collagen Peptides – 9087 g
• Glucosamine – 450 mg
• Vitamin C – 62 mg

Way of ussage:

• Oral – 1 sachet per day. An envelope dissolved in 200ml warm water and consumed immediately.