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How to get rid of stress?

How to get rid of stress?


Every day we are exposed to a lot of stress factors:

  • Fatigue
  • Different physical or mental illness
  • Problems at work – workload, poor working conditions, high responsibility
  • Family issues – conflicts, violence, divorces, deaths
  • Conflicts with friends
  • Problems with ourselves – lack of confidence, dissatisfaction with physical appearance or to different decisions over time

The body always responds to external and internal environment and the different situations will be perceived either as a neutral (without interest), a positive (benefic) or a negative, threatening and/or dangerous.

If our body considers a stressful event, it will react differently:

  • Physical reactions: insomnia, fatigue, heart pain, palpitations, increased or decreased food appetite, headache;
  • Cognitive reactions: deficit of attention, decreased concentration, memory problems;
  • Emotional reactions: irritability, mood swings, sadness or depression, loss of interest in friends or to various passions;
  • Behavioral reactions: poor performance, excessive smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sleep, isolation.

Sun Wave Pharma encourages you to identify stressors, be aware of stress, to monitor and intervene in time to face any future problems.

Stresclin Lactium product is the IDEAL and UNIQUE solution, being the only product in Romania which is composed of Lactium and Melissa officinalis.

Lactium is a hydrolyzate of casein obtained from milk that has the ability to manage and regulate the human body’s response to stress and has an impressive number of clinical studies that validate its effectiveness:

  • Reduces anxiety score
  • Adjusts the blood pressure response to stress and cortisol
  • Significantly improves symptoms induced by stress
  • Improves sleep gradually increases tone and diurnal vigilance
  • Reduce appetite for sweet

Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) has known effects to induce a state of calm and reducing anxiety and stress, insomnia and digestive spasms (caused or exacerbated by stress).

Stresclin lactium is ideal for:

  • People who are in stressful situations (students, people who speak in public);
  • People with sleep disorders;
  • Women who are pastmenopause;– People who are subjected to chronic stress;