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Ideal Prenatal Vitamins

Ideal Prenatal Vitamins


Did you know that 10% of newborns are underweight? And 3% of them are born with birth defects?

Well, one of the reasons is that over 95% of pregnant women have a certain level of folate deficiency, which is the active form in the body of the well known folic acid.

Folates are found in a variety of foods, with the highest amount in vegetables (folate derived from the Latin term folium).

In the late 90s, US scientists realized that despite the availability of folate in foods, a large number of people still present some deficiency, thus implemented the folate fortification program.

In Romania the ideea that folic acid should be supplemented to pregnant women is generally accepted, only to perform the vitaminic function in the body, folic acid is subjected to successive stages and complex biotransformation in folate.


We must be aware that low levels of folic acid increase the risk for the infant to develop:

  • Low weight at birth
  • Premature Birth
  • Neural tube defects – spina bifida
  • Miscarriage


Quatrefolic® – 4th Generation folate

Observing the crucial role of folic acid should be aware that 50% of women can not convert and hence use folic acid. The ideal solution is to supplement directly the active form of folate: Quatrefolic®.

Femosun R NOU

Femosun is a unique concept of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, women before conception and not least, women who are breastfeeding.

Femosun contains the newest form of folic acid – Quatrefolic® – 4th generation folate, with increased absorption and efficiency and liposomal iron instead of the usual forms of iron – without metallic taste or gastrointestinal disorders.

Femosun is administered only once a day, with no side effects, no twisting and no fattening.