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Identifying stroke

Identifying stroke


Quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, keeping normal body weight, regular monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure as well as daily exercise are the main ways in which we can significantly reduce the risk of stroke , an important medical condition and the third major cause of mortality in the world.

Unfortunately, stroke  stands among increasingly more young people who have a chaotic lifestyle and who stress at work has an impact on health.

How do you recognize the symptoms of a stroke?

To retain as easy symptoms described below, you can use the method and the famous character Dr. House, namely FAST:

  • F (Face) – ask the patient to smile and see if the face is not symmetrical or lip is down sideways
  • A (arms ) – ask the patient to raise both arms and see if one of them remains below
  • S (speech) – ask the patient to say a short sentence and see if it has difficulty speaking or can not find his words
  • T (time) – do not waste time, call the emergency number for stroke should be treated as medical or surgical quickly to prevent further attacks potentially fatal and permanent injuries on the brain.

If you notice any of these signs is important to contact a neurologist!