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The importance of a simple choices!

The importance of a simple choices!


Often when it comes to options that can control the health of our children, we forget that nature directs us to the right solution every time.

Although infants disorders are frequently a cause for major concern, there are situations where the solution can be very simple if we resort to natural options. In this falls and bronchiolitis. This is a viral infection causing serious problems because airways narrow – bronchioles, become inflamed.

Bronchiolitis occurs mostly in infants between three to six months, and accounts for over 80% of hospitalizations.

Hypertonic saline solutions, are highly effective in such cases because salt is a bactericide substance that does not allow development of microbial cultures, acting as a disinfectant and at the same time has the ability (under certain conditions of temperature and humidity) to be used in aerosols

Pulmonologists doctors recommended cure with salt aerosols as a method of maintaining health and as an adjunct to treatment.

Because salt mines are often difficult to access, we can benefit from effective salinotherapy at home.


RESPISUN – NaCl 3% hypertonic saline

With a concentration not found in any other product on the market, Respisun is based on several studies that have shown that spray obtained by nebulization of hypertonic saline 3% are effective in bronchiolitis symptoms and hasten the evolution towards curing the disease .


Nebulized use for relieving symptoms in: respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis with other viral respiratory infections; Cystic fibrosis (fibrosis); sinusitis and other respiratory diseases;

Use for nasal hygiene in the form of nasal drops.