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Iron deficiency anemia, an alarming percentage in Romania!

Iron deficiency anemia, an alarming percentage in Romania!


In Romania, 40-60% of children under the age of 5 years and 1 of 4 school children are diagnosed with anemia.

Iron deficiency is three times higher, according to the World Health Organization reports. For children, the impact of this deficit may be one not to be neglected, which can lead to growth retardation, neurocognitive deficits or impaired immune response.

The most exposed at risk are: infants with low birth weight (<2500 g), those how are fed  with cow’s milk or formula milk. Especially in these cases, prevention is mandatory!

A child who is always tired, which has often headaches , is irritated, has attention deficit, loss of appetite and pale skin, may suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

Most of the products with the usual formulas of iron, has major drawbacks, these include gastrointestinal side effects and low bioavailability.

It is required an effective product, which do not have sides effects.  Sun Wave Pharma, provides the perfect iron – LDS Altrifer Junior!

Both of the forms: drops for children under three years of age, and syrup for those aged over three years, Altrifer LDS Junior is easily tolerated with a very good taste of strawberries.