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Iron needs during pregnancy

Iron needs during pregnancy


Iron is essential in the structure of erythrocyte (red blood cells) that are designed to carry oxygen to cells throughout the body. During pregnancy the need for iron increases because the mother’s blood volume increases in order to support changes in mother’s body, but also the future development of the child.

Thus, the volume of blood during pregnancy increases by almost 50%, thus requiring more iron to produce a greater amount of hemoglobin (the protein contained in red blood cells). On average, the amount of iron required during pregnancy increases by 18 to 27 mg / day. Also both the fetus and placenta require their own iron reserves.

If the iron required is not taken from external sources (diet, vitamins), this deficit increases especially in quarters 2 and 3, when the fetus develops enough, and the mother’s is already depleted, and pregnant women can become anemic.

Effects of iron deficiency:

Iron is vital for red blood cells. When the body is faced with a smaller amount of iron than needed, fatigue, dizziness appear, symptoms sometimes put in account of normal state for pregnant women.

Depletion of iron in the body of the mother, but also insufficient intake of an inappropriate diet must be always investigated by a specialist who will recommend the ideal solution for anemia prevention.

To prevent pregnancy iron deficiency prenatal vitamins should contain an adequate amount of iron, but only in a formula that does not lead to constipation, gastric irritation or other discomfort.

Femosun contains a form of iron encapsulated in a liposome so that the mother will not have any typical classic iron administration discomfort. Femosun contains other elements that help maintaining and optimum absorption of iron levels in the body.



Unic concept of prenatal vitamins

Route of administration: 1 capsule per day.

Femosun  administration is recomended before, during and after pregnancy.


  • Acid docosahexaenoic (DHA) – 210mg
  • Lipofer® – 180mg din care Fier 15mg
  • Vitamina C – 55mg
  • Nicotinamidă – 15mg
  • Vitamina E – 13mg
  • Acid pantotenic – 6mg
  • Vitamina B6 – 1,9 mg
  • Vitamina B2 – 1,6mg
  • Vitamina B1 – 1,2mg
  • Quatrefolic® – 371mcg
  • Acid folic – 200mcg
  • Iod – 150mcg
  • Biotină – 60mcg
  • Seleniu – 50mcg
  • Vitamina B12 – 3,5mcg