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A natural and restful sleep

A natural and restful sleep


A natural and restful sleep is extremely important for maintaining the health of the body.

More than 10 days of insomnia can lead to death, faster than starvation!

Sleep phases are characterized by:

  • Phase 1 : light sleep, slow movements, muscle fasciculations, eye movements.
  • Phase 2 : reduced eye movements, reduced brain activity
  • Phase 3 : Deep Sleep – If we wake up from this phase we are disoriented and with an altered general state
  • Phase 4 : resting slow brain activity with slow delta waves. Those who do not spend enough time in Phases 3 and 4 have sleep deprivation.
  • Phase 5 is called “Rapid-Eye-Movement” (REM) .- DREAMS. Respiratory rate increases, becomes irregular and superficial, pulse and TA grow, we have rapid eye movements and completely inert muscle.

Generally, the use of benzodiazepine sleeping pills affects phase 5, also called REM. With its optimized hop and valerian content, Dormolin Forte favors the REM phase, offering a natural sleep, with no addiction risk. Only one capsule / day is needed for a restful sleep and effective daytime activity, without residual drowsiness.

Sun Wave Pharma recommends DORMOLIN FORTE – For a natural night’s sleep!