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Neuropathy simptoms can be improved through a natural formula

Neuropathy simptoms can be improved through a natural formula


Sadly , sometimes this disease is being diagnosed randomly, when the patient is signalizing to the doctors some of the symptoms he is confronting with or when its functional status is severely damaged.

Nature offers a solution extremely efficient, with spectacular results in treating this disease.

natural therapeutic concept, essential in managing neuropathy of different etiologies.

Meticobalamin in VITALIN PLUS

  • Provides significant improvement of somatic symptoms as pain and paraesthesias
  • Essential micronutrient for DNA sythesis, celular repair and normas hematopoesis
  • It is recommended to be associated to oral antidiabetics in order to minimise the B12 deficit frequently accomapaniating this therapy

Complex of  B, Zn, Mg si Acid folic in VITALIN PLUS

  • Contributes to  normal methabolisation of homeocisteine  with favourable effect on nervous system

Folic acid  in VITALIN PLUS

  • Improves the velocity of reacting of the sensory system
  • Also, in order to benefit of very fast results, it is recomneded that you associate this therpy to TIOLIN COMPLEX – a Unique antioxidant complex for neuropthies.

Acid Alfa-lipoic in TIOLIN COMPLEX

  • Reduces oxidative stress, improves the functional status and decreases neuropathic pain
  • Supports improvement of vascularization to peripheral nerves throughout increasing blood flow
  • Assures fast relief of neuropathic symptoms

Complex of vitamins si selenium in TIOLIN COMPLEX

  • Synergic action and increases the effect of alphalipoic acid and of gama linooleic acid
  • Besides, these products do not overcome to any other treatments your pacients may take.