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New aspects in Alzheimer’s disease research

New aspects in Alzheimer’s disease research


The theory called ” Orchestrated objective reduction ” ( Orch OR) , was originally published in the mid 1990s , the physicist and mathematician Sir Roger Penrose anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff in collaboration with . Both researchers suggested that the vibrational quantum operations microtubules were ” orchestrated ” incoming synaptic impulses in neurons and stored in memory microtubules and completed by what Penrose called ” objective reduction ” ; hence , the name ” Orch OR . “

Microtubules are major components of the structural skeleton of the cell . Orch OR theory has been widely criticized from the outset because, according to skeptics , the brain was considered too ” hot, humid and noisy ” because such fine and precise quantum processes can take place effectively. However , evidence shows that coherence can coexist regarding ” hot ” quantum in processes and structures like photosynthesis performed by plants, orientation in flight for birds, human sense of smell and neurons in brain microtubules .

The recent discovery of quantum vibration at ” hot ” temperature in microtubules in neurons , a discovery made ​​by a team led by Anirban Bandyopadhyay , now at MIT , the two scholars support the theory and suggest that EEG rhythms derived from microtubules vibration level deeper.

In addition , the work of specialists at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that anesthesia , which abolishes consciousness selectively without affecting the non – conscious brain activities , acting through these microtubules. Clinical trials of short duration brain stimulation at the resonant frequency of microtubule mechanical vibration in the megahertz frequency , stimulation produced by transcranial ultrasound showed that this treatment improves mood subjects and could be useful in combating disease Alzheimer’s and the effects of brain lesions . A real support in fighting against Alzheimer’s disease comes from  Alzovert.

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Medical research and clinical studies have pointed out that huperzine -A is beneficial in the treatment of diseases and disorders associated with neurodegeneration , such as myasthenia gravis and Alzheimer’s disease . In a recent study, sixty middle-aged and elderly patients with cognitive impairment received huperzine -A or a placebo for a period of sixty days. Evaluations were performed both physiological and psychological testing before and after treatment for these patients , and the researchers found that patients who were treated with huperzine A had improved cognitive capacities from 43 to 70%. This study also confirmed both the efficacy and safety of Huperzine A.