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Peeling – an important step in skin care

Peeling – an important step in skin care


It is preferable for peeling to be natural, used no more than once a week, and not the chemical one. Peeling  improves the texture of the skin, reduces wrinkles and pores, fade the spots and stimulates the production of collagen, eliminating the dead cells. There a lot a different king of instruments for peeling: ingredients with scrub that removes mechanical cells (the pits olive, ground almonds, wheat bran, sugar, unrefined) and fruit acids (lemon, orange and other citrus).

For a deeper peeling is preferable to use a product,  combining both tools listed above or made at home. For a sensitive skin peel or dried we must avoided fruit acids and must combined ingredients like ground seed or wheat bran with other moisturizers (avocado, honey, shea butter)

Pharmacy Division brings a revolutionary product in the fulfillment of this important steps for skin care –  Sun renaissance scrub exfoliates.

Unique Exfoliating product that removes the veil that hides the delicacy of a boring natural beauty, with a silky texture.

The combination of nuts along with bark of aromatic oils complex smoothes skin’s surface and restores the skin’s natural luminosity, ensure a safe and gentle exfoliation with immediate visible effects. The principle of operation is based on the action of oils to calm and energize the skin and destroy dead cells from the surface of the skin, through the degradation of proteins and lipids with the support of Walnut crust. It is recommended to apply the cream on the back and on the back of the hand palms.