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Perfect solution for beautiful hair and healthy nails

Perfect solution for beautiful hair and healthy nails


Smoking, physical and psychological stress , alcohol consumption , environment pollution, overexposure to sunlight , dehydration and poor dietary habits are all factors assaulting us daily , having a negative impact on our health and beauty .Given that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is difficult nowadays, an option is represented by natural supplements that ensure substances needed by the body .

Hair, nails and skin vitamins and minerals – they need to stop the process of aging, degradation and to have a radiant look . Essential as vitamins D , E, C , B complex, folic acid , biotin , iron , magnesium , zinc , iodine , manganese , copper , silicon, selenium , chromium and grape seed extract . All these vitamins and minerals important role in nourishing and regenerating dermal layer of the skin, hair follicles and nail root can be found in the supplement Revisan H & N.

Revisan H & N is a complex of nutrients specifically designed for hair, skin and nails , which contains a unique combination of vitamins , minerals and herbal extracts , works to nourish the dermal layer of the follicles of the hair and nail bed through the circulatory system , providing substances necessary health of these structures . 

Protects components and vitalizes hair :
• biotin combat alopecia and hair bleaching ;
• Copper is involved in the formation of hair follicles and hair in generating resistance ;
• magnesium and zinc gives hair shine and strength ;

Revisan H & N contains a special formula to protect nails with :

• zinc ( zinc deficiency causes white spots on nails and lack of brightness ) ;
• iron ( iron deficiency causes nails in the form of ” tablespoon ” and brittle nails ) ;
• L – Cysteine ​​(necessary for nail growth ) ;
• Vitamin C ( lack of it favors the appearance of inflammation and infection periunghiale ) .