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Propolis, a natural antibiotic

Propolis, a natural antibiotic



Scientists are more and more preoccupied with the extraordinary properties of this natural medicine; they have noticed that propolis destroys at least 21 species of bacteria, 9 species of fungus and neutralizes 30 types of viruses.

Due to the antiviral, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory properties propolis has many uses, being used for the following:

• stimulates immunity;

• has beneficial effects on irritated throat, cough and internal and external infections;

• improves appetite;

• improves digestive system;

• removes bad breath;

• goes into sprays for treating irritated throat;

• may be natural alternative of penicillin and other antibiotics.

Propolis is the ideal treatment in respiratory viral diseases, having a strong antiviral effect. You must keep in mind that the flu is a viral disease, not bacterial, and that over 90% of all colds are viral. In these situations, antibiotics treatment in not justified, which kill only bacteria, not viruses. Antibiotics are recommended when cold gets complicated: otitis media, bronchitis or even pneumonia.

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