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Protecting liver function

Protecting liver function


In winter, treatment with synthetic medication is more present!

Adverse effects should not be ignored.


Protecting liver function has a big importance especially concerning  the little ones. Because in this period they are more exposed at risk of illness, the synthesis treatment is often used.

Unfortunately, treatment with antibiotics is present almost without exception, and frequently, it is taken at the first symptoms. The side effects of long-term treatments, or their repetition is not immediately visible, we cannot ignore this aspect of children health.

More than 900 drugs have been identified to affect the liver. The liver affection can be the only clinic manifestation of the drug’s actions or it can be accompanied by other organs as well – e.g. kidney or systemic manifestations.


We can thus conclude that protecting the hepatic function along with a preventive treatment have a major role in our overall wellbeing.


Hepaid Junior–through its eight standardized and natural extracts has a very important role in increasing the detoxification action, through activating the hepatic enzymes, it ameliorates the liver disorders symptoms like: jaundice, hepatomegaly, loss of appetite, anorexia, tiredness, facilitates the quick elimination of toxic metabolites, by southing the abdominal pains and facilitating the elimination of intestinal gas.