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Sacred tree or Azadirachta Indica

Sacred tree or Azadirachta Indica


Neem, Azadirachta Indica or scientific name, described as “sacred tree” or “Nature’s Pharmacy” is used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Due to its properties antibacterial and cleansing Neem extract is widely used for skin and skin beautification.

Treatments with neem are based on both tree fruits, roots, bark, but especially on the leaves of neem. Most often they are used to extract oil or neem are turned into powder.

Neem is the best friend of our skin to fight against any kind of itching effective, allergy, rash, skin infection, pimples. The most important aspect is that Neem powder has been shown in clinical trials that is as effective as cortisone but without the adverse effects of the latter.

Neem is ideal for acne prone skin because it can help stop irritation and inflammation, Neem contains an aspirin-like compound that helps in acne disease through anti-inflammatory effect and reduce redness.

Thanks antiseptic and healing properties of Neem is considered detoxifiantul and blood purifiantul most powerful and famous for eliminating toxins in case of inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucosal tissue. Thanks to these properties, neem powder is widely used in case of skin problems, acne and oily.

In conclusion Neem site provides effective protection of the skin, keeping its elasticity and firmness, reduces the risk of inflammation at this level and detoxifies the body.

All these benefits can be found in capsules Acneaid.



acneaid capsule


Azardirachta indicate leaf extract – 75 mg

Extract from the bark of Azardirachta indicate – 75 mg

Extract of Rubia cordifolia air party – 75 mg

Curcuma longa root extract – 75 mg

Terminalia chebula fruit extract – 75 mg

Acacia catechu extract – 50 mgacnee – (remain                                                                                                                                50mg)


Contribute to pore constriction

Helps restore the integrity of damaged tissues