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Sinusitis – a painful infection

Sinusitis – a painful infection


Sinusitis is acute or chronic inflammation of the lining of the sinuses and nasal passages. When the lining of the inside of the nasal passages and sinuses swell, appears stuffy nose. Then, the secretions accumulate, stagnate in the sinuses, favoring further growth of microbes and sinus infections.

Sinusitis must be taken seriously, both patient and physician, as negligence or self-medication can lead to complications that can be solved only through invasive maneuvers such as point – to drain the sinus affected.

If treatment of acute sinusitis is incomplete acute, sinus pain becomes chronic. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis are less noisy and are represented by diffuse pain, headache, stuffy nose, pus, leaking nose throat, because you can not breathe, chronic cough, breath smelling hated.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis consists of antibiotics (according to the antibiogram), associated with anti-inflammatory drugs or aerosols.

Alternative medicine brings scientific evidence demonstrating that we can keep under control chronic manifestations of the disease and can prevent complications.

Sun Pharma Wave recommends the ideal product for sinus care – Sinosun. This product is composed from N-acetylcysteine ​​- acting secretolytic, bromelain – helping to thinning and removing bronchial secretions, zinc – which helps strengthen the immune system. In addition to these three components, plants in its composition helps maintain healthy mucous membranes of the respiratory system and the normal functioning of the respiratory system. Sinosun is designed specifically to help maintain healthy sinus mucosa.