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St. John’s Wort, natural remedy for depression

St. John’s Wort, natural remedy for depression


Depression is a state of bad mood and unfortunately very common for healthy people in a particular time of life. In the case of depression , symptoms may worsen over time and can last for months and years. The patient thinks only of misfortune , disaster , loss of a loved one , loss of job and relationship with a person closely . Gradually, the patient feels increasingly lonely, bored, helpless, distressed , sad and overwhelmed by the problems they face. Sometimes it occurs suddenly, with anxiety , insomnia or sleepiness , agitation or inhibition. Sometimes occurs slowly with chronic insomnia , irritability , nervousness spontaneous , headache , fatigue, bouts of crying for no reason , listlessness , lack of appetite , boredom , chronic fatigue , lack of energy and emotional reactions.

Ethnomedicine identified several natural antidepressant preparations , among which the highest efficiency proved to be St John’s wort or Pojarnia. Recommended since the sixteenth century by chemist Paracelsus against fear, sadness and bad dreams , St. John’s Wort is beneficial in restoring hormonal balance and nervous system. St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum ) is a perennial herb found in all areas of the country . This strain has the right wood at the bottom, grow to 20-100 cm tall and has many branches sterile (no flowers) , starting from the base of the leaves. St. John’s Wort blooms from June to September, this being the recommended period for harvesting.

Popularly called ” grass of Saint John ” Hypericum Perforatum is one of the most effective natural antidepressants . Recent research has shown that high doses of St. John’s Wort contains hyperforin , a substance that blocks those receptors in the brain which triggers depression . This St. John’s wort is beneficial in the treatment of symptomatic and reactive depression in neurotic depression and autonomic dystonia . It was found that the antidepressant action of St. John’s wort is not installed only after 2-3 weeks of the start of administration . someone could consume 2-3 teas a day, before meals , one before bedtime. The tea may be replaced by St. John’s wort tincture ( 4-10 dropwise 5 times every day ) , in a long-term cure . You can also use this oil ( 1 teaspoon 2-3 times per day) ,or simply a preparation that contain St. John’s Wort,as Stresclin . Stresclin preparation contains extracts of Withania Somnifera 125 mg, Terminalia Belerica 150 mg, Valeriana wallichii 50 mg, 25 mg Hypericum Perforatum .

Stresclin help relieve the disorders associated with anxiety , depression , hysteria and promotes relaxation of the body.

The dosing for Stresclin is 1-2 capsules , 2 times per day.