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Start a new life with Astha 15 capsules

Start a new life with Astha 15 capsules


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, wich affects the airways and manifests itself through excessive reactivity in the bronchi. This leads to recurrent episodes of wheezing (whistling acute respiratory, perceptible to inhale and exhale), dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) and cough, especially at night and early morning.

In recent years, asthma affects people of all ages and all walks of life, becoming a widespread global disease; in Romania, the number of patients with asthma is about 300,000.

Factors that causes asthma are allergies, smoking, respiratory infections treated properly, harmful substances in the environment, genetic factors, obesity, weather changes and emotions tense.

Common signs and symptoms of asthma range from coughing and aggressive wheezing episodes to pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing and sleep problems, caused by breathing slow and choppy.

Unfortunately, asthma can not be treated, but kept under control or improved.

Ideal product for asthma aims to:

  • Prevents narrowing the diameter of the bronchi,
  • Reduce inflammation.

Sun Wave Pharma, Number 1 Company in alternative medicine in Romania, is helping asthma patients with Astha 15 capsules – an innovative and highly effective product in preventing the escalation to a higher level of anti-asthmatic treatment, by acting anti-inflammatory and bronchodilation.

Astha 15 capsules is based on standardized herbal extracts, that associated with classic anti-asthmatic treatment, helps patients to remain as long as possible at the lowest level of therapy. Thus, bellow the rescue medication, chronic treatment can be maintained with a single drug, or fewer drugs. Astha 15 capsules reduce the risk of adverse events and thus provides a great grip as treatment.