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Summer is just around the corner…

Summer is just around the corner…


Of course there are a lot of warnings everywhere referent to the risk to which our children are exposed, caused by high temperatures and seasonal specific activities. Even so, doctor’s offices are constantly crowded of patients suffering from seasonal affections, of which the most common met are: food poisoning, enter colitis and various forms of diarrhea.

Why not prevention?

The fact that it happens is no certitude, but excluding all possibilities is, as long as we orient ourselves more towards prevention. One of the easiest to treat affections, due to its moment of installation is “Traveler’s diarrhea”. This is caused by a series of germs like Eschericia Coli, Shigela, Salmonela, Campylobacter, Aeromonas, which tourists get in contact with both through foods insufficiently cooked and/or contaminated water, but also due to the stress caused by the travel itself.

Often the diarrheic syndrome for children can be caused by the infection with rotavirus. Also the frequency is higher for children and young adults and it we need to take into consideration that at the opposite pole it has the “traveler’s constipation”, which is caused by the slowing down of the intestinal transit during a stay in an unfamiliar environment or due to an involuntary inhibition. In both cases we can consider taking into consideration the intestinal flora disbioza.

Currently on the market we find a lot of pre and probiotics and also symbiotic.

Bio Sun is the only FUNCTIONAL symbiotic.

Sun Wave Pharma  – Junior Division, through its packs of Bio Sun delivers the most efficient solution to this. They contain the most studied probiotic strains in the world (over 50 years research) which through in-vitro and in-vivo studies have shown that symbiosis between C. butyricum TO-A and S. faecalis T110 TO-Ainhibit the growth and proliferation of: E. Coli enterotoxigena, Salmonella typhi, Salmonella typhimurium, Vibrio parahaemolyticus’, Clostridium difficile, Campylobacter jejuni, Yersinia enterocolitica. The product’s functionality makes Bio Sun the only symbiotic that takes specific actions, multiplying the existing bifidobacteria in each individual’s intestinal flora.

The diarrheal syndrome, especially for children, is usually followed by a high risk of dehydration which can lead to hospitalization.

In order to avoid these type of scenarios and in order to ensure ease of administration, we also propose the oral rehydration serums – Sun Lyte.

They are already constituted in the shape of packs with a gel-like texture, which permits to be consumed both as is (tastes like a fruit juice, for the little ones) and also freeze (in the shape of ice cream batons). Thus we have transformed the oral hydration serum in a reward for children!

In order to ensure that you do not interrupt your long waited vacation, we propose a pack, that you can find in all partner drug store, which contains the full treatment: One box of Sun Lyte (8 packs) + FREE Bio Sun (9 packs), needed for those critical 3 days.