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Sun Lyte – oral rehidratation can be a reward!

Sun Lyte – oral rehidratation can be a reward!


One certain fact is that your small ones are, even before it starts, really enthusiastic about the summer season and this, for sure, brings us a smile on all our faces and makes us contemplate to vacation, (their) spare time, and the enthusiasm with which we would play outside as a kid from dust till dawn.

Of course there are a lot of warnings everywhere referent to the risk to which our children are exposed, caused by high temperatures and seasonal specific activities. Even so, doctor’s offices are constantly crowded of patients suffering from seasonal affections, of which the most common met are: food poisoning, enter colitis and various forms of diarrhea.

All this syndromes, together with long exposure to sun and demanding physical activities,  especially for children, are usually followed by a high risk of dehydration which can lead to hospitalization.

In order to avoid these type of scenarios it is necessary to administrate oral rehidratation serum. Unfurtunaly  all this rehidratation serums have an unpleasant taste, which makes them hard to be accepted by children.

Sun Wave Pharma propose the oral rehydration serums – Sun Lyte.

They are already constituted in the shape of packs with a gel-like texture, which permits to be consumed both as is (tastes like a fruit juice, for the little ones) and also freeze (in the shape of ice cream batons).

Thus we have transformed the oral hydration serum in a reward for children!