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SunVita Gold


Modern lifestyle involves multiple requests: unbalanced diet, stress, lack of rest, physical inactivity, environmental pollutant, so it is vital to maintain an optimal level of vitamins and minerals to meet them.

Vitamins and minerals support a healthy lifestyle and prevents many serious conditions, so every day we need a sufficient amount.

Sun Wave Pharma proudly presents the product that ensures optimal daily dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential, SunVita Gold.

It is very important to provide to the body the best and balanced nutritional intake, SunVita Gold.

SunVita Gold is the excellent solution that completes the normal diet, optimal complex of 29 vitamins and minerals that combine in a balanced way all the nutrients required to sustain intellectual exercise capacity and phisical.

SunVita Gold, for your Daily Dose of Energy and Vitality!